Lo/Lo is being used when yachts are transported on the deck of a vessel. Yachts are lifted and placed on deck using the vessel’s own cranes and then secured in a tailor-made steel construction called cradle.Lo/Lo is the best method of transport for yachts greater than 60ft.


Flo/Flo requires a semi submerging transport vessels and is used for the transport of very larger superyachts. The transport vessel lowers its good deck by pumping water into its ballast tanks. The yachts will then move into a position above their cradles which have been fixed on the good deck beforehand. After that, the transport vessels will pump out the water again thereby lifting ist well deck. Once the yachts are dry and safely positioned on their cradles the vessel is ready to sail.

Roll-on/roll-off vessels have built-in ramps that allow for cargo to be rolled on and off the vessel when in port. Since these vessels are mainly designed for transporting cars and trucks the entrance door height is limited to 5– 6 meters, however, this also allows boats which are on cradles to be loaded efficiently. Ro/Ro is suitable for boats and yachts up to 60ft in length.

Full truckload
Less than truckload (groupage)

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