The US -based company World Wise's of Trade has located in Turkish market with its own office in 2015. The heavy equipment selling and logistics solutions provider Wise’s Of Trade Yachts & Aviations's Member of Board Ayşe Çolak says that the company provide services to the world. She says, "Our market share figures are 50% Europe, 20% South Africa, 15% Asia, 15% United Arab Emirates". With its very wide range of services, the company provides solutions for Ro-Ro shipments for tractors, buses, trucks and other oversized cargo, ocean shipment for any type of vehicles; manage heavy lift operations. In 2016, World Wises's of Trade also started to give Yachts and Aviation services.


Would you give a brief information and some figures about World Wise's of Trade? 

We are an integrated heavy equipment selling and logistics solutions provider with a comprehensive portfolio of service. Our customers around the world rely on our decades of experience in planning and implementing integrated logistics solutions. Our strategy is simple: identifying customer needs, providing timely solutions, measuring customer satisfaction and improving the speed at which services are brought to the customer’s work place. We have built a formidable reputation in handling Projects and Heavy lift shipments to worldwide destinations. We have the expertise to offer our customers world class projects and heavy lift services. No matter where the destination is, our projects team will make sure that the cargo is delivered efficiently at minimum cost. We also have an enthusiastic and professional team to handle special over dimensional cargoes based on special containers or break bulk. Dedicated operations team are positioned to understand the needs for handling cargoes with ports, customs and transport agencies. Good rapport with liners and break bulk operators facilitates us to offer our customers and partners a competitive freight. And Wise’s invest in yachts and Aviation sectors this year.


The US-based company World Wise's of Trade has located in Turkish market with its own office last year. Would you evaluate the company's first year in Turkey? 

Our general office mainly gives buying and selling services for second hand construction machines. We supplied many second hand construction machines last year than our main office keep working this year. We had awarded by a lot of transportations by purchase, by tender last year.

We have credited general or local tender and we provide solution for second hand construction machine. Generally, we give services to Africa, United Arab Emirates, and CIS region.  

World Wise's of Trade has a wide range of services. Which special/unique services and projects has the company realized in Turkey and/or via Turkey? Would you give some examples covering their content / tonnage / route etc.? 

We provide a comprehensive solutions for Ro-Ro shipments, consisting of items such as tractors, buses, trucks and other oversized cargo loaded on special flatbed, MAFI or low body trailers. We ensure ocean shipment for any type of vehicles.

A team of experienced professionals plan the complete Heavy Lift operations ensuring safe carriage over hydraulic axles, barges or vessels. All our heavy lift projects are well planned and engineered in detail, including a rigging study, to ensure efficiency and maximum safety throughout the lifting procedures. Lifting accessories are frequently designed and constructed to meet the specific requirements of a particular lift, viz., generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, castings, heaters, presses, locomotives, boats and military equipment. In the offshore industry, parts of oil rigs and accessories are also heavy lifted. We have the expertise and equipment to offer complete lifting solutions.


Which opportunities does Turkey present for World Wise's of Trade in terms of its geographic location, growing economy, growing logistics market etc...? What is the position and importance of Turkey in World Wise's of Trade's regional structure and operations, would you mention this with some figures?

Turkey is a conjunction point of Europe and Asia for trade; Turkey has a lot of big ports. Also Turkey has rapidly developing construction and mining sectors. Thus Wise's of Trade has a lot of logistics service requests from its clients. Due to the advantage of Turkey’s location, World Wise’s of Trade work with Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. We provide service to a lot of country in the world. Our market figures is 50% Europe, 20% South Africa, 15% Asia, 15% United Arab Emirates.


What are the expectations and future plans of World Wise's of Trade for Turkish market? Anything you might like to add…

We are an international company. We already work to a lot of countries: Our expectation is to provide best services to more countries and more customers, enlarge our business volume. What we have to do is to introduce our company in the best possible way with projects we will serve for in the future.

Wise’s also started to give Yachts and Aviation services this year. About Yacht Operations: Our company has a team of experienced specialists and work with professional partner. We are able to easily provide purchasing or selling services for your yacht, also yachts charter, survey and technical services. We want to satisfy our customer's from all around the world. 

About Aviation Operations: Wise's of Trade Aviation makes Business Jets Sales and Charter has extensive experience in the market. We work with experienced global partner for aviation. Wise's is a truly unique aviation company that brings passion and personalized service for its customers. We are passionate about carefully guiding our clients through every step of the acquisition or sales process…



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